Tuesday, April 30, 2013

A night in Hector - at the Hector Wine Company, of course

By Michael J. Fitzgerald
Honest Traveler

HECTOR, New York, USA - The wine flows freely Friday nights in Hector, NY, though not for free, just freely as in out of the bottles and into glasses.
Bob and Dee entertain at HWC

And at the Hector Wine Company, the wine is excellent, the music is always in tune and the people who gather there - locals and visitors - all seem like they just stepped out of an episode of the television program Cheers.

Except in this version of Cheers, there's no crankiness at all, just laughs, followed by more laughs, followed by smiles.

Lake wine rack
The only downside is that in all that laughing, laughing and smiling, it's entirely possible to imbibe a glass or two more than you should. But that's a matter of personal responsibility.

The winery on Route 414, just up the highway a few miles from Watkins Glen also features some fabulous artwork. Even one wine bottle display is a work of art itself.

Then there is art on the walls, much of it produced by local artist Emma Schockner who, coincidentally can be found working at the winery often.

The scene below was from a recent Friday at the HWC which had a nice mix of local folks, visitors, music, and of course, HWC wines... lots of different varieties, all quite tasty.

The Hector Wine Company comes recommended by The Honest Travelers without any reservations.

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